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We are a community of passionate technology specialists keenly observing the new trends in the mobility domain. We take pride in sharing the knowledge and conduct events which will benefit people who like to keep updated with the moving trends in mobility domain. MobConf is such a platform where we get together to discuss and share our thoughts on the emerging scope of mobile application development by converging different technologies, there by making our daily life easy.


Date : 08/04/2017


  1. What should I bring?
    • We encourage you to bring your personal computer to you local Xamarin Dev Days event with Xamarin fully installed to participate in the live coding activities. We have a full guide for both Mac OS Xand Windows to help get you started.
    • Xamarin experts will be around to help you with any setup, but it is highly encouraged to preconfigure your machines in advance.
    • In order to test the part of iOS , for those who do not have a MAC , you can use one of the weekly plans MacInCloud https://www.macincloud.com/checkout/managed.html ( Europe Server , OS El Capitain ) with the option Enable Remote Build Port enabled .
  2. Will food be provided?
    • A complimentary lunch will be provided by sponsors during the event. Food and beverages are determined on a venue-by-venue- basis, but feel free to contact us with any questions.


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